Nkwazi Safaris is a registered outfit and has been operating since 1999. The company is owned and run by hunting outfitter & professional hunter, Kevin Schwartz and his son Steven Schwartz. Having both being born with an intense passion for hunting and the outdoors and with their combined personal hunting experience, the company is run with the same passion, professionalism and love for the industry.


Over the years, many young and inexperienced hunting enthusiasts have been trained and guided on their first hunting experiences, alongside many discerning hunters from various countries around the world. With a true passion and love for nature and the true ethics of hunting, the emphasis is placed, not on the size of the bag, but on the quality and enjoyment of the hunt, an experience that every hunter can relive with pride.

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Pride is taken in using top class hunting concessions, quality well maintained hunting equipment and vehicles, and experienced and enthusiastic guides and staff who make a team effort to ensure our clients comfort, wellbeing and satisfaction while on safari with us. With a complete dedication to high and constant standards, and commitment to client satisfaction, we make every effort to ensure that our clients return home with fond memories of a truly unique experience.


Kevin Schwartz:

Kevin started hunting at a very young age and has always had a love

and deep passion for the bush and the outdoors. Having had the

opportunity to spend many school holidays on a family farm in the

Eastern Cape during his childhood, his hunting passion grew more

and more over the years. In 1999 he launched Nkwazi Safaris.

His attention to detail, ethical business practice and going the extra

mile for client satisfaction has proved itself over the years, with

clients returning time and again. Running the business with his son,

their combined experience in hunting and guiding on both plains and dangerous game offers clients an unsurpassed safari experience

Steven Schwartz:

Steve grew up in Johannesburg. His passion for hunting started at

an extremely early age and he spent as much time in the bush as

he possibly could. In 1999 when his dad started the safari business,

he made it a point to be as involved as much as his school

obligations would permit. After school he studied and completed

a diploma in Exercise Science. At the age of 21 he completed his

PH course and continued to work for Nkwazi Safaris as a

qualified guide. Steve’s passion for the job is unsurpassed, and

with his many years of hunting experience and self-motivation,

his knack to achieve the almost impossible for clients repeats itself time after time. Steve is also a bow hunting fundi and is currently a brand ambassador for various local and international brands, as well as running his own multimedia production company which handles all the video production and editing for Nkwazi Safaris.